[Review] Curse the curse: The devil in the mirror - The return of the devil

Shocking throughout Europe when it was first launched in 2015, the `` Curse of the Mirror: Queen Of Spades: Through The Looking Glass '' by Russian horror master Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy was in the audience. extremely waiting, with the most evident evidence that the first Yesmovies screenings at Touch Cinema were packed with audiences.

Movie content

The Curse of the Damn: The Devil in the Mirror is a film about the legend of a woman who killed 19 children. She was later buried alive in the grounds of an old school, from which the horror story of the Bich lagoon spread.

This time the lagoon will cause two sisters who have just lost their mother in a miserable traffic accident. Horror factor appeared at the beginning of the film when the mother's funeral was going on, the youngest son heard his mother calling for help from the lid of the coffin but no one believed the boy, including his sister. The two sisters were then transferred to a dorm school deep in the forest.

At the new school, he was constantly obsessed with the silhouette of the mother when he was hidden, when he heard his mother's voice in his ears. But no matter how hard he tried, his sister still did not trust him. Moreover, the older sister showed more and more disdain for him. Even leaving his younger brother at risk in dangerous situations, or even abandoning his brother to go to the capital.

The lives of the two sisters were further disturbed when they and her group of friends discovered a mysterious mirror inside the forbidden room. The legend of the lagoon was repeated in front of the mirror and the summon of demons was issued without knowing that they had to pay a heavy price for their joke.

There are quite a lot of comments to evaluate The curse of the spleen: The devil in the mirror has a pretty heavy horror element with a creepy, dark atmosphere and many scare scenes. However, according to the evaluation of Touch Cinmea, the horror level of the film is quite gentle, but even though you are afraid of this genre, you can still eat corn and drink water while watching movies. In addition, the intimidating situations have been built similar to many of the horror films that have been released recently. So you don't have to worry about bringing your bear to the cinema.

The script of the movie is quite simple, with those who have experience watching many movies of this genre can easily predict the story. So no surprises happen in the movie, from the way the demon appears, to the youth groups that find a way to destroy the demon.

The most impressive thing for the audience watching the Curse of the Child: Devil in the mirror, it is the appearance of a character who can have a "blood relationship" with Thi Beo Annabellle. Touch Cinema will list both of the dolls with the ugliest beauty in human history. Convinced that after walking out of the theater, even though he could not remember the face of the spade, it was impossible to forget the face of this doll.

Actors and actors

Curse child: Devil in the mirror gathers young actors of the country of birch. Perhaps because the age of the actors is young, the acting experience is not much, so it has not really made an impression on the audience. If given the opportunity to participate in more works, Touch Cinema is confident that they will be the prominent faces of Russian cinema in the coming years.

Sound, effects and images

The curse of the swamp: The devil in the mirror uses the familiar dark scenes of the horror film, in order to increase the purpose of scaring the audience. Jump-case situations are not much threatening, but it is enough to bring a few startling phases. Combined with loud and sudden sound, the film becomes more attractive.

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