[Review] The Lion King - The return of the king

The Lion King (Vietnamese title: The Lion King) had its first premiere at today. The film only achieved 5.3 / 10 points on IMDb and 59% above on Rotten Tomatoes,did not understand why the world's biggest film reviewers rated this work so low, because this is actually is a great 123Movies from the plot, the image to the music.

The Lion King first appeared in 1994 with an animated version, the film is a childhood of many generations, especially ages 8x and 9x. Therefore, the 2019 live-action version of the Lion King was very much awaited by the audience and the film received a lot of crisp applause from the viewers after the end.

Outstanding screenplay

If you've ever seen the original version of the Lion King, you'll notice that this movie's content still sticks to the old story about the journey of maturity of Simba - the heir to the official throne of the Land of Origin. King. Following the young prince since his official "debut" with the subjects of the Land of the King, until the boy had to flee alone from his own mistakes and the conspiracy of his cunning uncle, finally returning. with a roaring roar and a challenge to regain the throne.

The film begins with the familiar timeless music and the beautiful picture of the natural world, bringing the audience to immerse in the dream-like paradise that makes viewers feel small in front of nature. majestic. However, The Lion King gives Touch Cinema a sense of regret, regret that the earth was once as beautiful as the most perfect picture but because of the people, this blue planet is increasingly exhausted.

After colorful films about the world, The Lion King brings the audience profound messages about life, about each person's responsibility through the lessons that Mufasa's father taught Simba - the young child. mine. But it is a pity that that elite father could not follow every step of his son, until the day he had to abdicate because of his frail age. The love of parents for their children, whether human or animal, is equally deep, ready to use their lives to protect their children's safety.

Compared to the original version, The Lion King 2019 brings a more impressive story with interesting character routes. The audience will experience many emotional levels and deep thoughts when listening to Mufasa's lessons for his younger brother and son; Humorous situations are extremely cleverly and logically arranged with each character's character exactly. The film has situations that change the emotions of the audience quickly and impressively, one second in front of the audience is still immersed in the emotion, immediately the next second can laugh and enjoy the situation. "Flip over" to couldn't be more funny.

The Lion King is an excellent film with messages about life, maturity, responsibility, and especially the feminist message expressed in the film. The lion king enough to make the most demanding audience in the theater also have to laugh.


Currently, The Lion King is released with 2 versions of subtitles and voiceover. Compared to the dub, the subtitles will be more attractive when the foreign voice actor expresses the emotions of the character very well, from the small cat noise to the roar expressing power, from the voice acting. children to adults ... are well expressed. In particular, the translation part adheres to the original dialogue and uses words close to everyday life, adding a bit of humor to make the movie more interesting.

Sound, images and effects

The top of the peak is the evaluation of Touch Cinema for the visuals, effects and sound of the movie. Surely you will not be able to distinguish between what is real image and what image is built from CGI technology, because every movie is so realistic and sharp. From the vast nature, to the clever little creatures, the eyes show the authority of a king, even the hairs are meticulously handled like in the movie, the real lion and the true creatures.

The Lion King would not be perfect without the support of music. Each melody, each selected lyrics fit the details in the movie exactly like electronic components. More specifically, all the songs in the film convey the emotions to the audience's heart. The song brought a lively rhythm when Simba and Nala ran away from home, the song revived Simba's bottom-line feelings when fleeing, the song made everyone smile happily about the love of Simba and Nala, the song seething enthusiasm of the king when bravely taking on his responsibility. It was all too excellent.

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